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Afropologist John Hawks and creationist Paul Giem dismiss the real "Eve" in human evolution

Afropologist John Hawks and creationist Paul Giem: We completely accept the argument that Homo floresiensis is just a pathological modern human called "Hobbit".  However, according to Peter Klevius, Homo floresiensis represents (together with its relatives in the SE Asian archipelago) the true "missing link"  between apes and the human lineage. It's got everything to satisfy such criterion incl. what was missing in Africa - a perfect volatile tropical environment with temporary landbridges between islands and mainland. Homo floresiensis behind the Wallace line, may not have been involved in later stages of human evolution but clearly shows the model that formed the basis for the variety that spred to Eurasian/African mainland (see Peter Klevius evolution flow chart below). More primitive forms must have evolved from an extinct SE Asian ape. And every new species that hit the mainland eventually reached Africa where they often were beyond hybridi