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Peter Klevius wonders how many Communists were murdered during WW2? The least studied subject, right?!

 US and Nazi led Anti-Communism caused most of WW2 casualties. So what about today? Peter Klevius wrote:  Sunday, January 27, 2019 Klevius thinks we ought to pay equal attention to the non-Jewish majority who died in the s.c.* Holocaust. * Holocaust is Greek and means 'whole offering'. The Forgotten Suffering (Klevius 1992)   Demand for Resources (Klevius 1992, ISBN 9173288411). The civilized wo/man walks back in her/his foot steps, strikes a light and lets her/himself be enlightened and glorified Only the forgotten suffering, and the shadow behind her/him, hovering over the future, are greater Some 17 Million (est. varies between 12-20) died in the s.c. Holocaust. According to Wikipedia between half and three quarters of the victims were non-Jews. Wkipedia's definition etc.: Most Holocaust historians define the Holocaust as the German state policy

Japan used to be the quality standard of the world - and US the laughing stock. Now China is passing* even Japan.

 Peter Klevius: Anthropology is the science of human bias. * Unlike Japan, China doesn't need to import its products from China - or Thailand, Vietnam etc. And we do know that products manufactured outside Japan tend to be slightly less reliable statistically. Moreover, China is already ahead of Japan in top tech such as e.g. AI, quantum computing, fusion energy, smartphones, space tech etc.     However, whereas the middle-man in US may choose between high quality or cheap Chinese tech - the Chinese middle-man doesn't have that choise if buying from US.   It took a long time for the dumbest people in Europe to realize the poor quality of US made cars etc. And despite all quality surveys and reports that clearly showed it, it took even more time for them to get it that Japanese cars were better made than German cars. As a young poor lad Peter Klevius bought the best quality for the lowest price. So how was that possible? Because Japanese cars were simply not

Youtube accepts creationism but censors Peter Klevius, the world's best anthopologist - as it seems?

Every data fits Peter Klevius out of SE Asia theory but not creationism or "out-of-Africa"* - so why censor? * In fact, the "out of Africa" hoax fits creationists precisely because Africa lacks transitional fossil. Africa is a fossil dump.    Is it because Peter Klevius also fights for Human Rights for all - and against religious fascism? Or is it because he points out how $-freeloader US has painted itself in a corner because of the 1971 dollar fraud, and now faces losing its dollar hegemony because of China's growth and technology - and therfore also losing its capability to continue stealing from the rest of the world. Not to mention that would mean a huge decrease in its wealth. It therefore also means US is now the main threat to world peace.  This fake info nonsense video is really in need of a thorough corrections. However, Youtube doesn't allow any correction.   Here's Peter Klevius censored comment:   "Sorry to spoil the par