"Out-of-Africa" is the worst hoax in the history of science! Piltdown pales in comparison.

Insted of chimp-Lucy-Homo, you better think gibbon-H. floresiensis-H. erectus! The strange invention out of the blue in the 1990s which put humans in a subfamily prison called Homininae or "African apes", is like when the "West" (US) declares three countries "enemies of the world" when it itself constitutes the worst threat. Of course, neither gibbons nor Homo floresiensis need to have much to do with what actually happened. However, they exemplify the most important evolutionary features that are completely missing in Africa. It's truly pathetic how the "out-of-Africa" house of cards was built. At first, in the 1970s, it was understandable that the Leakey family and others let themselves be impressed by fossils coming up to the surface due to a constantly cracking East Africa. However, precisely therefore a true scientist would have understood to be extra cautious, not the least because of the lack of ape fossils.  And 1984