This year Peter Klevius cannot congratulate Finland on its traditional Independence Day because it's not neutral and independent any more.

Read how climate change made human evolution possible in SE Asian volatile archipelago - not on a continent like Africa

Read how two craniopagus twins born 2006 solved the "greatest mystery in science" - and proved Peter Klevius theory from 1992-94 100% correct.

US is the new Nazi Germany (and BBC is its Ministry of Propaganda* in the US master's delusional puppet state UK in line with Goebbel's approach) - albeit even more dangerous and devastating for the world! How long will people blink this open truth?! 

*  Now, and no later, time's up for whistleblowers within BBC to step forward to save themselves from the inevitable future "Nuremberg" trial when its master US goes down! BBC's consumer programs etc. are mostly safe but news and non-nature documentaries are filled with hate propaganda, often with a thin make up of s.c. "anti-racism" excuses - just compare how China and Chinese are treated , or just neglected.

 US started its proxy war against Russia 2013-14 and pushed Russia to war 2022 by threatening to place for Russia devastating new stealthy tactical nukes on the Russian border in Ukraine - and don't forget that just like US (together with its tiny UK puppet where councils and people already suffer under economic hardship while the government and its propaganda ministry BBC beg for even more money for militarism and war) is complicit to the genocide against Palestinians in Palestine now (and instead of bombing the perpetrator i.e. IDF, or at least demanding ceasefire, US - together with its warmongering UK puppet - bombs other countries it doesn't like), US participated in genocide against Russians in Ukraine and now uses Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder. And don't forget that UK after the Russian invasion, stopped ceasefire and peace talks which were already prepared and going on between Russia and Ukraine!   

Compare today's axis of evil (US/UK) with WW2

1933, Hitler announced that rearmament must be undertaken. A year later he told his military leaders that 1942 was the target date for going to war in the east. Goebbels was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of Hitler aggressively pursuing Germany's expansionist policies sooner rather than later. At the time of the Reoccupation of the Rhineland in 1936, Goebbels summed up his general attitude in his diary: "[N]ow is the time for action. Fortune favors the brave! He who dares nothing wins nothing."

This video should be the most viewed to understand why US became the evil of the world!

 The Nixon chock 1971 - the biggest financial robbery ever - and growing in enormity and danger by the day!


The Volcker shock 1979/1981 - how an economy professor reveals his ignorance about US evilness because of its 1971 financial theft of the world dollar.

And there are no mitigating circumstances but just the opposite, i.e. US has used its stolen gains from its financial fraud to cover up its crime and to invest its looted money in arms and wars.

US Fed rules supreme over the world currency US stole 1971, but only bothers about US - not what its behavior means for the rest of the world.

US stolen (1971-) gdp is also heavily inflated because of Fed's manipulations. Two natural elements of economy is inflation and trade balance. However, since 1971 both have been replaced by artificial ones dictated by US Fed.


Following the tradition of his mother who served in the Finnish army and chased the Nazis out of Finland, Peter Klevius, who was born long after, now defends Finland against a desperate* and therefore extremely dangerous and misery bringing dollar freeloader loser US invasion* and occupation* of Finland.

* * Modern China has applied a "guarded capitalism" and an anti-corruption meritocracy stance that easily trumps US so called "democracy" (although perhaps not US anti-China demonizing), but more importantly China's super high tech acceleration is completely out of reach for US (or any of its "allies"/useful clients) who knows it and therefore behaves accordingly criminally instead of honestly facing the consequences of its dollar theft 1971, when US like a dictator violated the Bretton Woods agreement, which meant that instead of connecting the dollar to gold as a stable and fair world currency, it became connected to US trade and loan deficits (US is the only country that can prosper despite enormous trade deficit). The world-dollar became separated in a US-dollar dictated by US, and a rest-of-the-world-dollar, also dictateded by US. 


Finnish army proof of assignment to collect information about German Nazi soldiers in northern Finland 1945

And as US/CIA raped Finland with militaristic NATO (i.e. US) and US nukes (F-35 with s.c. mini-nukes), so does Finland rape the demilitarized Åland.

Finland's PM Sanna Marin warns (on order from US?!) countries to not trade with China – New Zealand’s largest trading partner. “We will see in the future that technologies and the digital environment will only be more in our societies than now, and we have to make sure that we don't have that kind of dependencies that becomes vulnerabilities and risks that will come to realise.

Peter Klevisu: Right! Stop your dependancy of the financial- and war-criminal US!

Peter Klevius to Sanna Marin: Are you dumb or corrupt?! If the former then you may benefit from these facts:

1. Everything that - since China surpassed US in economy and technology - now comes out from Uncle Sam's rottening mouth is the wording of a desperado who doesn't see any way out of its own criminal dollar counterfeiting (since 1971) other than trying to harm the challenger by using US financial and militaristic global hegemony and monopoly - and stupid poiticians of its "allies"/puppets!

2. According to several US made research the leadership in modern China has by far the best approval rating from its people compared to other technologically advanced countries. And it has nothing in common with North Korea but everyting with US' "ally" Vietnam (which is tiny and much less technologically advanced than China) when it comes to politics and government.

3. Chinese leadership has been by far the most successful when it comes to lifting people out of poverty and improving infra-structure, both at home and worldwide.

4. China has a privacy law that is equal to that of EU but makes US look like a Medieval dictatorship in comparison.

5. Islam's biggest and most important global organization OIC carefully inspected the alleged "Human Rights violations" and "genocide" against Uyghur muslims, and not only declared them totally unfounded but also credited the Chinese leadership for its treatment of muslims in China.

6. China has been most successful in handling Covid by offering (not commanding) a real vaccine to its people, and especially to those elderly who are vulnerable. That many elderly have been reluctant to take it has to do with Chinese traditions and suspicions due to the vaccine scandals in the West. And the reason the Chinese leadership didn't enforce vaccination was precisely because of the old Confucian tradition of respect for the elderly - which we in the West seem to have abandoned. The rigid Chinese lockdown was the will of Chinese people - not the "Communist dictatorship" as US/CIA steered media want us to believe. Against this background it's pathetic that Finland kicks out Confucian institutes because US ordered it to do so, but has no problem with islamist mosques and institutes paid by the islamofascist Saudi dictator family. And to top it all, now China, as the first country in the world, has developed a recombinant human monoclonal antibody vaccine that fully protects against all variants; uses own human antibody cells; has no side-effects; is cheaper then Western vaccines; and can be taken as a nasal spray - i.e. directed precisely to the first barrier of defense, which then goes farther and kills the virus already in the lungs.

7. China, according to US research, is now by far the world leader when it comes to R&D. Abandoning ties with China will inevitably lead any country incl. Finland into backwardness in the near future.

8. The only way for US to stop China from developing even further and faster is to start a war. That's why US makes every effort to subvert Taiwan-China and mainland-China ties, by supporting the the anti-China party against the pro-China party in Taiwan, as well as militarizing Taiwan itself and the whole of the East Asian territory, and even pushing for NATO extension against China. Do you Snna Marin want to support Uncle Sam's own criminal interests and starting one more war initiated by US?!

9. So dear Sanna, why did you choose Uncle Sam's nukes while abandoning China?!

 And the alleged "authoritarian censorship" in China pales in comparison with the West, and should also be seen against the background of US/CIA's continuous efforts to subvert and destabilize China. Moreover, see how US and its puppets brutally faked and distorted information about the opthomologist doctor in Wuhan who wrongly put on the Chinese social media Weibu that Covid-19 was the much more dangerous original SARS virus. After an hour he realized his mistake, and according to the law (as in all Western countries) spreading such possibly dangerous rumors made it necessary for the hospital to report it to authorities. However, after a couple of days the police just asked him to explain and then told him not to do it again. And after that he could in peace continue his work at the hospital without any kind of sentence or fine etc. So how does this fact as well as the fact that he could say whatever he liked on Weibu fit an "authoritarian dictatorship"?! But in the West he was "a suppressed whisteblower silenced by the Communist dictaorship". Similarly, when the unhealthy and dement former Chinese leader Hu Jintao got worse during the long lasting congress and was helped out, the Western media and especially BBC, desperately tried to make readers and listeners belive the poor man was "silenced" by the "dictator" Xi. Same story with the mentally ill "whistleblower" woman, and the "batwoman" etc. etc. the list could go on.

Peter Klevius wrote:

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Finnish politicians and "experts" lie about US' NATO nukes straight in the face of the Finnish people.

 When Newsweek rightly pointed out that 'Finland May* Allow NATO to Place Nuclear Weapons on Border With Russia' it just repeated what Peter Klevius warned for almost a year ago when Finnish politicians made the disastrous NATO decision without asking the Finns.

* In fact it's inevitable that if Finland really goes through with this, then the road for US nukes is wide open, no matter if the nukes are physically there before a conflict or not.

Peter Klevius translation: American (sic) magazine reported about Finland and nukes - Aaltola and Stubb snarled: 'Humbug' (this was in regard of Newsweek's article - which isn't "American" but a U.S. magazine).

At the heart of US' aggressive nuke policy is the B61-12 Life Extension Program with s.c. low-yield (Hiroshima+ size) ground penetrating nuclear warheads, tailored for stealth attacks with F-35b departing from countries close to Russian or Chinese borders.

According to the Helsinki-based newspaper Iltalehti, the bill regarding potential NATO membership the Finnish government will put before parliament doesn't include any opt-outs for nuclear weapons.

Speaking to the paper, defense sources said Finland's foreign and defense ministers, Pekka Haavisto and Antti Kaikkonen, gave a "commitment" to NATO in July that they wouldn't seek "restrictions or national reservations" if Helsinki's application is accepted.

However, now the same Iltalehti has the nerve to call this information a "fake", and pretends to excuse the move by writing that 'Finland hasn't asked for nukes'. Well, if you sign with the Devil which clearly wants to utilize your position as a border against Russia, and which has produced more than 600 "mininukes" tailored for exactly those 64 F-35 you were cheated to buy instead of the Swedish ones that had for long been the plan, then only a fool or a deliberate lier/cheater would argue as Iltalehti does.

Here's Iltalehti's nutty "defense" translated by Peter Klevius:

Iltalehti's article doesn't argue that NATO plans to bring nukes to Finland. The article deals with information according which the government's bill doesn't explicitly prohibit this.  

'Iltalehden artikkelissa ei väitetä Naton suunnittelevan ydinaseiden tuomista Suomeen. Artikkeli käsittelee tietoja, joiden mukaan hallituksen lakiesitys ei erikseen kiellä tätä.'

Peter Klevius: I rest my case! Rest in US nukes, Finland!


Peter Klevius wrote:

Friday, February 25, 2022

Why did Finland suddenly jump for F35 instead of (as planned) Swedish Gripen? Because Gripen can't carry US new mini nukes!

 How stupid and dangerous can Finnish politicians be who try to push Finland into US extended nuke army (i.e. NATO)!

 US is 100% to blame for the Ukraine disaster as well.

STOP US (+ its Anglospheric puppets), the worst threat to the world right now!
This monstrous rogue state $-freeloading U.S.:
1. Is adding more than 600 nukes to its already more than 6,000.
Because of smaller size, better transportability, higher accuracy,
and US first strike policy (unlike e.g. Russia, China etc.)
the risk of use of nukes by US has dramatically increased
- especially considering the end of $-hegemony because of China
outperforming it in tech and healthy development.
2. US can at any time read and silence your free speech, or stop your
transaction - wherever you are in the world (except in China).
3. UK/AUKUS bought US mini nukes (e.g. for Trident) and NATO+Finland bought
F35 which can carry them.


 Peter Klevius wrote:

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Shame on you Finland! Why risk yourself and others by defending a criminal* loser** like $-freeloader US (unless US causes a nuke war) against a certain winner like China?!

* 1971 USA robbed the world by cheating on its promise to keep the dollar connected to gold in exchange for the dollar being the world currency. In other words, all other currencies dropped compared to the dollar which now became a "schizophrenic" currency with an A-dollar in US and a B-dollar in all other countries. And although every country may print as much own currency they like, it comes with a cost it has to carry itself while the US dollar printing is paid for by the rest of the world. Only inflation is a risk for US - but not as much as outside US (except China).

** US has already lost its position as the largest economy to China, and is also fast losing in every high tech branch and science - while China is on its way up. This is why US so desperately tries to contain China and force other countries under US rule against China. However, ask youself which is better: Belt and road or nukes?

F-35A + B61-12 + NATO makes Finland a U.S. base for nuke threat/attacks against Russia - and ultimately China!

 The Finns are now lured into NATO when the West is collapsing. A combination of US influence and a longlasting Finnish mongoloid complex that they weren't Western enough. Finnish Russophobia started with the grim Finnish civil war 2018 influenced by the US led Red Scare campaign which is the promotion of a widespread fear of a potential rise of communism, anarchism or other leftist ideologies by a society or state. It is often characterized as political propaganda. The term is most often used to refer to two periods in the history of the United States which are referred to by this name. The First Red Scare, which occurred immediately after World War I, revolved around a perceived threat from the American labor movement, anarchist revolution, and political radicalism. The Second Red Scare, which occurred immediately after World War II, was preoccupied with the perception that national or foreign communists were infiltrating or subverting U.S. society and the federal government.


North Atlantic Aliance is turning into  US' South and East China Sea Sinophobia alliance.

How many Finns were aware of US true motives for pushing Finland into US militarism and nuke sphere for the ultimate aim to act as one tiny and helpless piece in US strategic and tactical containment of and attack on China? And how US uses its influence to corrupt politicians to betray their country and democracy.

Finland's young PM Sanna Marin rose to power thanks to US led/influenced World Economic Forum's "Young leaders" program.

A former Finnish PM Alexander Stubb celebrates that his long time wish for a Finnish NATO membership now comes true thanks to Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Peter Klevius wonders whether this was exactly what the US administartion also wanted - and even planned for. 

Finns are thoroughly brainwashed with US narrative while completely locked out from alternative narratives.

It looks like US has been mostly interested in arms race and miltary, financial etc. evil meddling in Europe while Russia's main interest has been to sell cheap gas to Europe.

A Norwegian intelligence report points to three reasons why Russia feels threatened, making the country’s nuclear deterrence more important.

Firstly, Russia claims NATO has changed patterns from normal patrols and intelligence gatherings to simulated attacks on Russian targets, including with strategic bombers. Part of the Russian narrative is that NATO is coming closer to its borders.

Secondly, Moscow accuses NATO of introducing new areas of warfare, like the use of digital operations and militarization of the space, potentially being used to attack Russian ballistic missiles before launch.

Thirdly, Russia blames the United States for undermining the global security balance and arms control treaties, by that pushing the world towards a new nuclear arms race.

After all, US isn't interested in "defending" Europe. US' main and only goal is to (again) attack and eliminste China becaus US dollar scum is coming home to roost any day now because of China's succes. US managed to keep a stagnating Japan at bay with the help of EU in the 1990s. However, China is some ten times bigger and growing.   

Chinese slave workers were brought to Finland from Russia some 100 years ago. They became part of the Finnish mongolid/russophobia racist complex.

Chinese slave workers brought to Finland via Russia.

Peter Klevius wrote 2003:

The Finnish/Swedish/European Mongoloid-complex

In 1952, only seven years after the end of Finland's disastrous connection with Germany in the World War 2, apart from having its first Olympics the nation celebrated the 17-year old Armi Kuusela's victory in the Miss Universe "beauty" contest, thus finally releasing the Finns from what was considered a traumatic connection with the East and its Russian/mongoloid inhabitants.

Interestingly enough it seems that the Finns express the most mongolic genetic profile of the Europeans. On the other hand especially eastern Finns tend to be more blond, more blue-eyed and to have the lightest skin color of all! Could that very fact be an effect of precisely that blend/traits from northern mongoloid people? I.e. that the most admired of "Nordic" features were inherited from the most unwanted direction? That the genetic blend happened to be especially sensitive to poor light conditions/folic acid intake etc., i.e. as an extra addition to the general impact of farming.

Also check out the Finnish "TAT"-controversy!

The Sami population inhabits an area (in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway) that is approximately the size of the entire Sweden (within Sweden about half the size of the country).

When the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson in 2004 held a conference on genocide, the only media that reported about the Sami protests against the decision not to include the native Swedes, seems to have been the Sami News.

Soft Genocide in Sweden (apart from the soft genocide executed by the Swedish legislator and the social authorities etc in matters of children)









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